Low Cost Revenue Control Solution
  The Print Bunny portable wristband or ticket printing and revenue control solution  

revenue control



Finally, a low cost desktop ticketing solution that is not only fast but also very simple to use. Combine the print bunny keypad with a receipt printer and it becomes your new ticketing solution.
Combine it with the specially modified TSC barcode printer and you have your own door entry wristband solution.

The system does not require a PC to operate and yet it still offers essential revenue control and flexible on board software to suit most ticketing and door entry needs

Featuring a clever little programmable keypad, the Print Bunny is the most versatile low cost ticketing solution - ideal for most ticketing applications. The affectionately named 'Bunny' turns almost any high quality thermal receipt printer into a dynamic in-house ticket making factory - and when paired with the TSP700 from Star Micronics, graphic and coupon printing become a breeze. Alternatively you can combine Print Bunny Keypad with Partner RP 320/RP 600 for a low cost ticket solution.

The wonderfully simple Print Bunny is the latest addition to the well respected Totem Ticketing Family of products. Manufactured in the UK, Totem is a reliable, trusted brand and is available locally in Australia and New Zealand from Voucher Printing Systems.



print bunny


Small footprint - kiosk space is maximised
Lightweight - so it is transportable
Protective case accessory - so it is safe in transit
Simple to use - minimal training is required
PC connectivity - shift data can be collected for financial analysis
Cash drawer accessory - cash is safe.
User accounts - staff can be monitored and reviewed
Simple features - the cost is kept low
Manager spot checks - minimise theft
Audit trails provide revenue control
Unique identifiers so that the tickets are fully traceable
Simple configuration - minimal fuss
Common paper sizes - consumable is readily available off the shelf at most stationers.
Fast ticket issue - queues are minimised
Excellent quality print and graphic capability delivering professional tickets

For more info please visit us at www.printbunny.com.au